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From Engine Treatment to Waterless Wash & Shine, we have you covered at Prolong Super Lubricants for all your vehicle’s needs. Try some out today and find out why there is No Equal in the World™.

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World Famous Engine Treatment

Formulated with advanced technology, Prolong’s Engine Treatment is for all serious car owners. Prolong is the only engine treatment company to offer a FREE Lifetime Limited Product Engine Warranty. Buy some today and save!

Lock Out Moisture with Waterless Wash & Shine

Washing your car or bike doesn’t get easier than this! Don’t waste any water or time and try out our Waterless Wash & Shine today!

Prolong SPL100®

Prolong SPL100® Super Penetrating Lubricant Spray cleans and protects metal surfaces, tools or any metal equipment exposed to harsh weather. Be prepared for any conditions with Prolong SPL100®

The Slickest Grease Guaranteed!

Prolong Ep-2 Grease is not your average calcium sulfonate grease. It is formulated with Prolong’s Anti-Friction Metal Treatment to give it an advantage over traditional multi-purpose greases. Buy it in portable tube. Or save even more with our larger sizes!

Make Your Old Engine Feel Young Again

Prolong Oil Stabilizer is perfect for any engines that burn oil or that have leaks. Try out our Oil Stabilizer today and witness your engine run like the day you got it! Works with both diesel and gas engines! Try it today!

Prolong: A Community Driven Company

Prolong would not be the company it was today without it’s wonderful customers. In 2017, Prolong sponsored over 80 different car shows all across the nation and multiple race teams. Become part of the Prolong family today!

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