Prolong EP 2 Grease Prolong EP 2 now with AFMT is a Calcium Sulfonate grease, which is characterized by exceptional corrosion protection, high dropping point and mechanical stability. Due to its unique chemistry, Prolong EP 2 w/AFMT provides superior protection against corrosion in harsh, corrosive environments. The very high load carrying ability, excellent resistance to water, oxidation and corrosion, and outstanding performance in a wide temperature range, make it a high performance premium grease. It contains no heavy metals or other harmful or environmentally undesirable additives, such as phosphorus, zinc, phenols, antimony, barium or lead.


Product Overview

  • Provides superior extreme pressure lubrication
  • Helps prevent rust, corrosion and oxidation
  • Lubricates over a wide and extreme temperature range
  • Exceeds NLGI GC/LB (ASTM D 4950)
  • Contains AFMT (Anti Friction Metal Treatment)

MSDS: Download Extreme High-Performance EP-2 Multi-Purpose Grease Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

How to Use

This product is designed for use in any standard cartridge loading grease gun. For proper loading, see grease gun instructions.

Available sizes

  • 35 lbs. Bucket
  • 120 lbs. Keg
  • 400 lbs. Drum

Also available in Automotive and Industrial sizes.


Coming Soon


Got very good results with the EP 2.5 grease at a Gold fields mine. The ventilation fan with a bearing to the value of US$ 31,000 a piece was heating up and cuts out at 95°C. Tried everything. If the fan cuts out the mine is vacated because of heat and foul air. 6000 miners stop work and must come to the surface. We supplied them with the new EP2.5 grease and now they complain the bearing is running to cold at 35°C (joking) they are very happy and the bearing supplier is now also enquiring for EP2.5 for other clients with a similar problem.
Gold Mining Group, South Africa

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