Prolong Transmission TreatmentProlong Transmission Treatment is formulated with Prolong’s AFMT™ (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) advanced technology to treat the metal surfaces of both standard (manual) and automatic transmissions. As the transmission fluid or gear oil circulates, Prolong Transmission Treatment molecules interact with all of the metal surfaces, chemically bonding to create a protective layer that reduces potentially damaging friction and heat.

Prolong Transmission Treatment is particularly effective under extreme pressure conditions, providing significant protection against one of the most costly automotive repairs. The product promotes smoother manual shifts and helps restore responsiveness in automatic transmissions, especially in critical quick-acceleration conditions.

Prolong Super Protectant is water-resistant so it won’t wash off like regular protectants. It blocks out the elements for a more durable shine and longer lasting protection. Tested against the best protectants in the world, this product outlasts them all! With this unique formula you can dial the shine up or down, depending on how much you wipe.

Product Overview

  • Formulated with Prolong’s AFMT™ advanced technology
  • Reduces extreme friction and internal temperatures
  • Promotes smoother, more responsive shifts
  • Compatible with all common transmission fluids and gear oils

SDS: Download Prolong Engine Treatment and Booster Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


How to Use

Prolong Transmission Treatment can be added at the time of or in between fluid changes and remains effective until the fluid is drained and replaced. In standard (manual) transmissions, 8 ounces of fluid should be removed prior to adding the treatment. The product should be added each time transmission fluid or gear oil is changed.

Available sizes

  • 8 oz. Bottle

Also available in Commercial sizes.


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