Prolong Oil StabilizerFortified with Prolong’s advanced lubrication technology, nothing works better than Prolong Oil Stabilizer to help solve lubrication-related problems.

Other oil stabilizers on the market do not include the necessary additives provided by today’s motor oils, such as antioxidants. When these oil stabilizer products are added instead of motor oil, the engine is robbed of 20-25% of these vital additives. The formulation of Prolong Oil Stabilizer includes Prolong’s AFMT™ (Anti-Friction Metal Treatment) advanced technology as well as vital additives to provide a completely formulated oil stabilizer product, which sets this product apart from the other competitors. Just compare the difference…

Prolong Oil Stabilizer Checklist

Use with confidence:

  • Non-corrosive antioxidant formula.
  • Will not void engine warranties.
  • Effective for both gas or diesel engines.
  • Compatible with petroleum or synthetic oils.
  • Helps prevent sludge and varnish deposits.


Product Overview

  • Stops Oil Leaks – conditions seals to help stop oil leaks
  • Reduces Oil Burning – seals worn cylinders and valve guides to slow oil consumption
  • Eliminates Engine Noise – adds lubricity to motor oil to help quiet engine knocking
  • Reduces Exhaust Smoke – slows blow-by to help reduce smoke and emissions
  • Increases Compression – seals around piston rings to help restore compression
  • Reduces Friction and Heat – extreme pressure technology to reduce friction so that engines run cooler
  • Extends Oil Life – Anti-oxidants help slow oil breakdown to keep oil cleaner, longer
  • Stabilizes Viscosity – helps maintain oil viscosity in hot or cold weather
  • Cold Start Protection – special additives and Prolong’s AFMT helps provide engine protection

SDS: Download Prolong Oil Stabilizer Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


How to Use

Add to oil as follows:

  • Regular gasoline engines – Use 20% (1 qt. Oil Stabilizer with 4 qts oil). For badly worn engines, use 40% (2 qts. Oil Stabilizer with 3 qts. oil.)
  • Diesel engines (commercial, industrial, farm and fleet, marine) – 20% by volume.
  • Manual Transmissions only, differentials and gear boxes – 20% by volume.
  • Motorcycles, air compressors, lawnmowers, etc. – 20% by volume.

For maximum protection and performance, we recommend addingProlong Engine Treatment every oil change.


Available sizes

  • Quart-size Bottle
  • Gallon-size Bottle
  • 5-Gallon Bucket
  • 55-Gallon Drum

Also available in Automotive and Industrial sizes.


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