Waterless Wash & Shine and Super Protectant now at

Waterless Wash & Shine and Super Protectant now at

POMONA, Calif. – Two unique automotive care and detailing products from Prolong® Super Lubricants are now available on, the official site for national home improvement retailer Home Depot. Prolong’s Waterless Wash & Shine and Super Protectant are spray products that offer a quick and easy way to clean, perfect and protect cars and trucks without water.

Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine’s advanced technology  is actually better than using soap and water for washing light to moderate levels of soiling, and creates a shiny, protected surface that is more resistant to contaminants and sun damage. For people living in areas of the U.S. affected by drought conditions, where water may not be available for car washing, Waterless Wash & Shine is a great solution.

Prolong’s unique, non-toxic citrus-based spray formula with special lubricating agents actually lifts dirt from the surface while dissolving it. Particles that aren’t completely dissolved are encapsulated by the lubricating agents, forming a barrier between the dirt and the car’s finish. From road grime to tar, tree sap, bird droppings and swarms of bugs, non-toxic Waterless Wash & Shine safely attacks and removes contaminants with little to no effort.

Waterless Wash & Shine cleans safely and leaves a smooth, protective film that buffs up to a brilliant shine while repelling water, contaminants and harmful UV rays. It provides one-step cleaning and waxing that can be applied in sun or shade. Even car enthusiasts with expensive paint jobs trust Waterless Wash & Shine to give their vehicles a just-washed appearance on the car show circuit, and many choose to stash it in the trunk for quick and easy touch-ups at a show, track or other event where water may not be available.

To keep rubber trim, tires, plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces looking new, Prolong’s Super Protectant spray solution adds a ”complete detail” finishing touch. Super Protectant is water-resistant and blocks out the elements for a durable shine and long-lasting protection. The unique formula is not sticky or greasy and allows you to dial the shine up or down, depending on how much you wipe.

On the user-friendly website, Prolong products can be found in the Tools & Hardware section, in the Automotive Care & Detailing category. Prolong’s Waterless Wash & Shine (Model #PSL64017) is available in a 17-ounce bottle for $7.99 and Super Protectant (Model #PSL60017)  is available in a 17-ounce bottle for $8.99. offers Free Ground shipping for orders over $25 to your local store and to your address for orders over $45. For more information or to order these products, visit

About Prolong Super Lubricants

Prolong® Super Lubricants, a brand of GoldenWest Lubricants, Inc., produces a wide range of chemicals and car care products, including engine, fuel and transmission additives; chassis and wheel lubricants; vinyl and leather protectants. For more information, visit, or contact Prolong at 1937 Mount Vernon Ave., Pomona, Calif., 91768; phone: 800.540.LUBE (5823); fax: 800.966.LUBE (5823).