High Mileage Contest Winners

We’re excited to announce the winners of Prolong’s 2019 High Mileage Giveaway. We received countless submissions and wanted to share the stories of the top three winners.

Congratulations Dwayne P. our 1st Place Winner with 496,000 miles!

I have been a Prolong user for over 20 years and I have a story I wanted to share with you that could be a great feature or showpiece for your amazing product. I purchased my 2000 Honda Accord in 2007, then with 170,000 miles on it. Since then I have used Prolong Engine Treatment in it and, in just a few short weeks, the odometer will reveal a half-million miles!

As an engineer, I know how important proper maintenance is and have always maintained my vehicles to ensure their best performance. That being said, I cannot claim to be easy on the,. From the rough stop and go of pizza delivery in college, to towing a boat, to now weathering the day-in day-out traffic of crossing Tampa Bay for my work commute, this car has been through it all! To this day it still runs great, does not noticeably burn oil and all mechanical systems are in perfect working order right down to hinges and such that are lubricated with your product. Most amazingly, the engine has never been touched internally, and this is certainly in large part due to the use of Prolong! It is noteworthy that I bought this care after selling my 1992 Honda Accord with 315,000 miles owed to Prolong, ran my first car (a 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass that I still own) over 100,000 miles on Prolong, and frequently share an unbelievable story about how I became a believer in the 90’s when Prolong brought back to life a lawnmower with a seized engine that then ran better than it had in years! I think it’s needless to say I use Prolong in all my engines, large and small, and anywhere else there is an application for your products.

Dwayne P.

2nd Place – Bill N.

Bill got his Scout in 1977 when it had really loud valve noises. With the first addition of Prolong, the engine noise instantly got quieter. After an engine flush Bill added more Prolong and together they have put over 300k miles behind them and the engine is still running strong!

3rd Place – Lucas T.

Lucas acquired his 1990 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat from his grandpa who was a firm believer in using Prolong Engine Treatment and has been using it since it was purchased new off the lot. This truck has never let his family down for almost 30 years now and Lucas keeps the tradition (and his truck) alive with Prolong Engine Treatment in every oil change!

If you have any stories you want to share and be featured on our website feel free to reach out to info@prolong.com and let us know! We always love to hear from the Prolong family about your experiences. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure that you get notified with all of Prolong’s sales and giveaways!